Hello there!

When I'll grow up I want to be a calligrapher, tidy and taller, at the moment I'm a graphic designer and 1,57 m.

I’m a creative and graphic designer since 2008, made with 💛 in Canary Island.

I have worked in advertising companies and creative and communication agencies and the last years as a UX/UI designer in a Digital Strategy and UX Consulting. Today I am an independent designer looking for  challenging and exciting projects.

I’m a creative, emotional and restless designer. I would love to work in an environment where the designers can team up with the client partner to build the project together. This way, everything is always better, and everyone will be happier and feel to be contributing to the final result. I would love to work for brands understanding the needs and aspirations of their clients fans since – in the end – they are both wearing the same team t-shirt.