Anyhire app 

In one sentence, It is like a eBay but for hiring stuff. Anyone, business and private individuals alike can list their items on Anyhire for free


There is a large number of digital products that can replaced Anyhire. Competence turn on hard for co-live in digital world. Depending of the country, even of the continent, the human behavior and the mental models of user change completely.

Why people would want to use Anyhire? Is it necessary? What difference value contribute in their lives? Could we make better the life of users with it or not? 


This project was made with my partner Facundo Pretini. We developed the different phases of the project:

    • RESEARCH (personas, scenarios, use cases, benchmark, empathy maps, online surveys, and interviews)
    • STRATEGY (customer journey, brainstorming and value propos)
    • ARCHITECTURE OF INFORMATION (card sorting, flowchart and navegation tree)


After the interviews we detected some coincidences. As a negative point of view, the main thing was the same: distrust. On the other some complained about possible bad users of the objects to rent.

As a positive thing that they talk about economy, they felt compensated for this saving. Also the most humane between users treatment and not feeling like one more number was good for them.


In our brainstorm we decided to pay attention to the transactions of things between people on the street, in the "analog world". Why do people in the neighborhoods trust each other for these exchanges? The main thing of all lends is the trust.


In AnyHire we looking for people who trust, people who, with their good behavior win the trust of community, and they won’t need to pay the deposit in order to rent things.

We give value to good user behavior and we generate trust chain, incentivizing both of roles of transactions.

About people

The core of Anyhire is trust, and this trust is being built per person, people committed to society.

Looking for 

Since the beginning users can looking for categories and trending objects. Also they can hide these option collapse the accordion in order to see on the feed of the objects closer of their location.

Renting pack 

Users can decide renting pack of objects and choose between different options for being safety in the process.


Anyhire allows users give the best review of other user throught validation of objetc process. In a few step it's easy for give all the necessary inputs in order to validation.

Flexible editing 

There is a flexible type of rent your object and also your pack, depends of the time of rent, the availability, the thrust level,...